Welcome to my new website!

You may have heard on the grapevine that I’ve been working on a little project to launch my new photography website. I thought it high time to separate out my businesses (I also do interiors! ) so that clients can find out what they really need to know before working with me and so I can display my work in a really clear way. It also gives me a chance to clarify what I do, why I do it and how I can help anyone needing personal branding photographs for their product or service or documentary style photography for their event.

What to expect?

I’m going to keep my ‘news’ here on the short side so I can share behind the scenes of shoots, reveal my latest images as well as share important discoveries or approaches I have towards photography. Colour and creativity are the qualities that I breathe into all my projects and are the pillars that I’ve built my photography and interiors businesses on. And you never know, it might even encourage you to get a little more creative yourself (which is more important for our wellness than you’d think)! I’m also hoping to share my greatest inspirations whether artists or photographers whether currently creating work or the big names that have delighted and inspired me over the years. Just to warn you, I have a tendency to get a little deep so expect a little philosophising now and again on photography principles and my approach to creativity in general…

Donna Ford Photography self portrait double exposure reflection

Can I ask a little favour?

Still with me? Then I’d love you to have a little look around the new website and let me know what works (and anything that could be developed or needs to be clearer). I’d love to hear about your own experiences of personal branding and photography and answer any questions you might have about a photoshoot or just the composition process in general. Some of it might be answered on my Frequently Asked Questions page here but I’d be delighted to receive an email from you on any subject or feedback you might have!

Donna Ford London Personal Branding & Event Photography Social Media

Still time to book!

Finally, for anyone requiring any brand photography I’m now taking bookings for July & August. Clients from now on will get access to three resources including You are the brand, Shoot Workbook and Tips for the Photoshoot. These include tricks of the trade plus a handy guide to branding if you’ve never spent much time thinking about that yet or will reinforce any branding work you’ve already done. They also have insider secrets that help you not only feel totally prepared and ready for the day, but get you excited!

Before I go this is a wonderful opportunity to thank all my amazing clients who keep recommending me to their friends and have kept my photography business thriving, even without a sparkly new website. You guys rock!!!

In the meantime I’d love for you to keep in touch and follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Also it would absolutely make my day for any comments below or feedback (or questions) of your favourite photos I’ve taken. I’m really friendly and will be grateful for any conversations you strike up on DMs about photography and/or business!

Over and out!

D x