I hate having my photo taken. Is there any hope for me?

Believe or not I hate it too so I know exactly how you feel! In fact I get a little bit Chandler from Friends when the camera points in my direction and start to pull strange faces! Argh! However, somehow I have developed the knack of getting people to relax and almost forget the camera is there. It’s not like that old idea of a studio shoot where someone (usually a man) shouts out instructions you. It’s very relaxed. And fun! Every single person I’ve worked with says this to me so trust me, we can get past it together…

Why do I need photos of myself for my business?

Because people buy from people. They want to know the story behind your service or product but even more than that the images themselves can communicate your brand values and approach through the aesthetic. I talk more about this over on my personal branding section.

When is a good time to book in photos with you?

Well I usually need a month or two’s notice (sometimes I can come to the rescue in an emergency too). But this also depends on when you get to that point where you need better quality images for your website or social media and know you need need to outsource it to a creative. I always find that once you get excited about getting your website live is a great time to use that enthusiasm to fuel your photo shoot as the images will really bring everything together and bring your website to life!

How do I prep for the shoot?

Beside chatting through all your concerns and questions, I’ve actually written my own Photoshoot Tips Guide which you can access once you’ve booked in your shoot! And you also get my new resource You are the Brand to really help you get to the heart of your business and get the most out of our photo shoot.

What will actually happen on the shoot?

It’s a million miles away from possible previous experiences of a guy standing miles away behind a camera in a studio shouting monosyllabic instructions at you under bright lights! We chat, consider what’s around us, move around various locations, have a coffee break/costume change, experiment. And you most certainly can check the images as we go. You might not even realise I’m taking them half the time!

How long from the shoot date can I get my images?

Normally within a week of the shoot but if you require a quicker turnaround, say following an event, I can try my best to accommodate that.

FAB! how much do you charge?

Packages start from £325 for a 2-3 hour session in London with a minimum of 30 fully edited and colour-corrected images (and this includes my 4-5 hour editing fee). Additional images can be purchased and any shoots in the school holidays incur a £30 charge. Available for travel in the UK and beyond for additional cost. Please get in touch here and I can create a specific quote for your project.