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It all started when…

Well it’s hard to say really! We’re connected so intimately to photographs as powerful memories but I can remember getting excited about picking up a set of prints from the chemist in town as a little girl and that delight in remembering moments that would otherwise be forgotten. Digital photography now holds a different thrill and really allows us to hone our skills at a rapid pace and satisfy our need-it-now mentality. My career has always been very creative and I got serious about photography when I started my multi-award nominated blog Skirting Boards & Chandeliers a couple of years ago.

I’ve been so lucky that my passion has always been my business. Before I became a mum I worked as a dance artist, teaching and choreographing for all ages around London. Although that sounds vastly different to photography, it’s weird how close photographic composition is similar to choreography (lighting, how bodies move in space, pleasing rhythms) and am finding that my experience in arts management and role as a mentor and teacher has also given me the perfect skills to run my creative business.

Would I remember my first dance performance aged 6 so clearly if it wasn’t for this photo?

Would I remember my first dance performance aged 6 so clearly if it wasn’t for this photo?

So what can you expect from me?

Lots of creativity and colour! My love for photography and aesthetic eye comes from my deep belief of beauty in the everyday and how colour and creativity combine to create the right image. I believe that to create meaningful images you need to utilise the light available to best effect, and this is how I capture the mood and atmosphere of what's happening in the moment. Here’s the key elements to my…

Quirky composition and sensitive editing offering new and different perspectives

Capture real, authentic moments

Tell a story and evoke emotions

Subjects enjoy and stay relaxed on the shoot to ensure the photos are as truthful and natural as possible

No photoshop - just some post-editing in Light Room (basically the digital equivalent of using film cameras & dark rooms)

A bit more about me

I live in a leafy suburb of South East London with my Director of Photography husband John and my two gorgeous little boys. I actually grew up in Northern Ireland (that must be where the gift of the gab comes from!) but have been in England for almost half my life. Sometimes I miss the vibrant green fields but mostly I love being in a great city full of so much culture and energy. We’ve lived in our home for over 6 years and it’s been quite a journey from fixer-upper to dream home (and we’re still not there yet)!

And finally…

Well done for reading this far. If you’re just perusing and and know you’ll need photos at a later date, why not keep in touch via Instagram or Facebook. If you’re eager to know more about the client experience then instead of blowing my own trumpet, you can hear from the horse’s mouth here.

Thanks for stopping by! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I can’t wait for us to collaborate.

D x